Wholesale Products

Wholesale Dab Rigs

Whether you’re looking for wholesale dab rigs or unique wholesale bongs to fill the shelves of your store, we’ve got you covered with great glass at competitive prices. Shopping for glass for your store is different from shopping for your own glass. You’re not only responsible for making sure they’re beautiful, but also that they can stand up to the use your customers will put them through. We make it easy to find the gear they want at prices that allow you to still turn a healthy profit.

Quality And Quantity

When you’re ordering wholesale dab rigs, you need to make sure you’re getting the right product at the right price and in the right number to serve your customer’s needs. We built our business providing the highest-quality pipes to headshops, smoke shops, and novelty retailers in our California neighborhoods. All of our pipes are made using premium materials, like borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone. They’re manufactured by experienced craftspeople to create attractive, functional designs, and every one is a pipe we’d be proud to have in our personal collection. Our wholesale bongs are selected specifically to help support businesses like yours.

The Pipes Your Customers Love

There have been a lot of changes in the industry over the years, but we still love great glass and the shops that sell it. Just choose the wholesale dab rigs you’re ready to offer your customers, and we’ll package them securely for transport and ship them to you. Once you get them, just unpack, price your pipes, and you’re ready to offer top-quality pieces to your customers. Order your wholesale products online from Loaded Taboo today.