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If you’re new to the world of smoking, bongs can seem intimidating. They have a reputation for being heavy duty glassware for serious smokers. However, freezable water bongs are actually perfect for all kinds of smokers because of how easy they are on the lungs. The Phoenix freezable water bong is proof of that, and here is why.

People love bongs for many reasons, but mainly because of their water filtration systems. Taking a hit from a bong is a much smoother and cooler experience than hitting a regular pipe, because the water cools down the smoke before it’s inhaled.

Glycerin Coils

The Phoenix freezable water bong takes that smoke cooling experience to a whole new level. Glycerin coils have been around for a long time, but they’re regaining popularity. They are a detachable part of the bong that you stick in the freezer before using. Once they’re ice cold, you put them back in place, and hit the bong like you normally would.

They’re an enhanced alternative to using ice cubes in your bong water because they solve the issue of melting ice that results in splash backs. Yuck! Glycerin coils also freeze faster than water, so your wait time with this style is less than it would be if you were planning to use ice.

Perfect For Everyone

This  4” Phoenix freezable water bong is an awesome piece of glassware that produces thick, cooled, rich tasting smoke that isn’t as harsh on your throat and lungs. On top of that, they’re super easy to use and clean. Check out our selection of smoking paraphernalia, including glycerin bongs, for sale at Loaded Taboo today.

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