Phoenix 6 arm perc with freezable coil

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Get a freezable coil water pipe at a great price with this 6-inch piece from Phoenix. An inline perc and freezable coil give this water pipe the perfect cooling combination to chill down your smoke for a better experience you can draw deeper and hold longer. This beautiful rig is just as functional without freezing, so you can decide exactly how cool you want your smoke to be. Add this versatile pipe to your collection today.

Quality Freezable Coil Pipe

The Phoenix 6 freezable coil water pipe is a unique water pipe made from high-quality materials to help you smoke better.

  • The majority of this pipe is made of tough and durable borosilicate glass, long trusted as the right glass for smoking accessories
  • It uses a black plastic clip, inline perc, and freezable coil suspended in glycerin to create a chamber you can pop in your freezer, and then back into the pipe when it’s time to smoke.
  • The beveled bottom of the water chamber makes this pipe easier to put down and pick back up without leaving a mess. 
  • Between the water-filled perc and the iced-out coil, by the time the smoke gets to you, it’s cooled down and refreshing for better hits.

Get Your Glass Fast

We built our rep delivering high-quality pieces to the top Cali headshops. Now you can get the same competitive prices with shipping right to your door. Contact our customer service department if you need additional information. Order your Phoenix 6 freezable coil water pipe online from Loaded Taboo today.

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