Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I follow you on social media?

Yes! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep an eye out for new stock, our latest specials, and the news you need to know about the latest in fine glass.

2. What is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is specially formulated with silica and boron trioxide to produce a glass that’s resistant to thermal shock. Normal glass can’t handle the pressures caused by a rapid change in temperature, leading it to crack and shatter. Borosilicate glass is used in items that will experience a large, rapid change in temperature, making it perfect for laboratory glassware, glass cookware, and most importantly, pipes and bongs. That’s why you can take a room temperature hand pipe, pack a bowl, light it with a torch, and get a great smoke instead of a hand filled with shattered glass and herb.

3. Are these pipes legal in my state?

That is a complicated question, but the short answer is, yes. These are, after all, only smoking accessories. We do not offer smoking material, whether it be herbal, tobacco, or cannabis, and we have no way of knowing, once they’re received, how you intend to use them. That being said, local laws may vary, and if found around substances that are illegal in your state, these smoking accessories may be construed as paraphernalia for its consumption. We suggest you research your local laws and the way they are often enforced so you can make an informed decision before purchase.

4. Is there a good first pipe for a beginner?

Every smoker is different, and usually they will have a chance to try different delivery methods before buying their own. There are, however, new smokers who find themselves alone without a more experienced peer to guide them. We suggest you start with something classic and simple like a hand pipe or spoon. They’re straight forward, easy to use, and offer a starting point that lets you branch out as you discover your smoking preferences.

5. When will I get my order?

Most orders ship same day if placed before 10 AM. However, you should allow for up to 2-3 days for processing times. During holidays or special sales, processing times can take a bit longer, but don’t worry! These delays only mean that our team needs a bit of extra time to ensure your order is packaged and shipped carefully. Delivery times can’t be guaranteed. Different shipping speeds are available through USPS, so make sure to review your options if you want your order a little earlier.

6. How will my order arrive?

You will receive your order via USPS, unless you select another shipping method. You will be able to track your order through USPS once your package is picked up from the post office. You should receive an email with your tracking number once your order has been processed, packaged, and labeled by USPS.

All orders are packaged in a standard shipping box (either a plain brown box or USPS priority mail box). We don’t not print “Loaded Taboo” on the mail, so you can rest assured that your package will be safe upon delivery.

Since our products are made for adults 18 years and older, a signature from an adult will be required upon delivery.

7. My pipe arrived broken! What do I do?

First, we’re so sorry that your product arrived broken. You can’t use a broken pipe and damaged products that don’t work can be frustrating and disappointing. If your order arrived broken, you must notify Loaded Taboo within 2 days of receiving the package. Take pictures and document the damage. All broken packages will be replaced by us as quickly as possible. For more information on broken items, review our Shipping & Returns page.

8. I want to return my pipe (or other product). How do I do that?

We accept returns as long as the item is completely unused. Unfortunately, we can’t accept items that have already been used. If you want to return an item, send an email to contact@LoadedTaboo.com. With each return, make sure you include your order number and the unused item. Products can be returned for store credit only and you will be charged for shipping and handling. For more information on returns, you can refer to our Returns Policy.

9. How will my order appear on my billing statement?

All orders will appear as being from “Loaded Taboo” on your billing statement.

10. Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the U.S at this time.