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There’s always something new in the world of smoking and vaping, and it can be hard to keep track of it all. From the latest in traditional rigs and pipes to new ways of lighting up, it’s an exciting time to be a vaper or smoker. With years of experience delivering high-quality glass to your favorite headshops, smoke shops, and novelty stores around California, we’ve built relationships in the industry with some of the top manufacturers. We’re proud to bring that same expertise to helping educate the public about the news and issues affecting their smoking rights.

  • Apr 22nd 2021

    Are Silicone Bongs & Pipes Safe?

    Glassware has been a staple with the smoking community for centuries. Some of the first pipes and bongs ever created were made from glass or clay, and there hasn’t been much variation until about 2…

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  • Mar 19th 2021

    What Is A Chillum?

    Sometimes referred to as a one hitter, a chillum is a small smoking pipe that originated in India around the eighteenth century. In the 1960’s, they gained popularity with the western world and…

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  • The 5 Best Smell-Proof Containers

    May 11th 2020

    The 5 Best Smell-Proof Containers

    The best smell-proof containers help you keep your smoking material fresh while protecting your privacy. If you can smell your smoking products while they’re still in a container, you’re losing…

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

While more and more people have the opportunity to enjoy a good smoke or vape coast-to-coast, there’s always something new happening. Whether it’s a new way to enjoy a good dab or you need to know how to make the most of your smoking material, we’ve got you covered with the facts you need to light up with confidence. We’re proud to showcase some of our most popular products and give you ideas for your next smoking or vaping session. Your lifestyle should be on your terms, and we want to help you figure out what that means for you.

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If you need competitive prices on great glass delivered directly to your door, you can count on us. If you need more information about the products and issues affecting your smoking or vaping, we’ve got you covered there too. Light up a bowl, browse through our topics, and get elevated with the Loaded Taboo blog today.