About Us

We took the long way around to selling smoking accessories online, and we loved every minute of it. When we started this business, we had a penchant for finding great glass and a list of our favorite headshops. What started as a mission to make sure our local California neighbors had access to premium smoking accessories they could be proud of eventually outgrew our local area.

Taking Our Glass Coast-To-Coast

You see, everyone should be able to find the pipes and rigs that let them smoke however they need to. Whether you’re using medicinal herb or chasing a recreational experience like no other, great glass makes it better. The only way we could take our vision of well-supplied smokers and tokers to the next level was to offer premier smoking accessories online, where anyone with an internet connection can find a better way to smoke.

Unsurpassed Quality, Unmatched Prices

We’ve partnered with the biggest names in smoking glass to bring you beautiful and effective accessories, offered at a fair price, and delivered to your door. We also keep an ear to the ground for rising talent--industry innovators who are consistently pushing the envelope with accessories that look great and offer unique properties that you’ll love. If you smoke, we want to help you smoke better.

Take a look at our online store and find your next smoking piece. Order your smoking accessories online from Loaded Taboo today.